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PT.ASUKA ENGINEERING INDONESIA. is an engineering contracting company founded in early 2000 by a Japanese engineer who is an expert and experienced in the field of electrical and instrumentation technology. The company has specialized in the field of electrical & instrumentation including Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication & Installation as well as the development of an electrical system and instrumentation.

Aided by several experts from Indonesia, which has the potential, high quality and dedication, he developed a corporate system that is able to develop the potential of the Indonesian nation to move forward in the rapid technological change, especially in the field of electrical and instrumentation. So in the end this company grow and gain the confidence of pelangganya and quickly became one of the electrical and instrumentation contracting company in Indonesia.

Over time and increasing customer demand to other areas of specialization, it is to answer all these challenges so that PT.ASUKA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING INDONESIA, changed its name to PT. ASUKA ENGINEERING INDONESIA.